A Colonial Heritage at The Hermitage, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Jakarta

Last week was Wabbit’s birthday. We celebrate her birthday in a hotel located in the historical and prestigious district of Menteng, Jakarta, The Hermitage. Sitting under the brand of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwice, Inc,  The Hermitage is the first property in Indonesia who carries the name of Tribute Portfolio providing service and design that encompass both modernity and a bygone era.


Build in 1923 and was formerly known as a telecommunication office during the dutch colonial era – Menteng Telefoongebouw. The building that was once become Indonesia’s first President office has been uplifted to a hotel with a strong dutch colonial heritage which houses 90 elegant guestrooms and suites that boast high ceilings and large windows, allowing an abundance of natural light to fill the room, as well as stately décor, rich indigenous textiles and plush furniture.


The rooftop was AMAZEBALL! Located on top of the hotel infinity pool, it gives a stunning 360 degrees view of Central Jakarta skyline. It is a purefect spot to catch Jakarta’s sunset scene. The modern rotan sofas are cozy with contrast plush color that are comfortably alluring to the naked eye.


For family with children swimming pool will be our main playground. The serene infinity pool is considerably spacious for me and Babbit to swim in. The pool has a direct access to the fitness center and its roof top bar: La Vue. The Bar definitely makes our life easier in ordering foods and drinks for Babbit after she finishes her swimming session.



We were very fortunate to have our room upgraded to Grand Deluxe Room 🙂

We were in love with the room. The room consists of 3 areas: Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom. The bed was comfortable and able to fit the three of us.

Living Room


The bathroom was enjoyable for Babbit. The shower glass wall and the intact speaker in the bathroom gives Babbit the privilege in taking a shower without having to worry skipping Princess Sophia latest episode in Disney Junior playing in the bedroom TV . If you are seeking for some privacy while you are taking your shower, you can easily just close the curtain.

For me, I love the bathroom amenities. The Hermitage shows no hesitation by providing the revolutionary ETRO toiletries to its guests. And not to mention my favorite Colgate tooth paste was entrancingly wrapped in a light plastic matte material.

Behind Babbit is the shower room with glass wall and curtain



Breakfast at L’Avenue was presented beautifully. With floor to ceiling  windows allowing the morning ray freely illuminating the room. With an all white wall ambiance I felt that I was taken back to the colonial era. The restaurant provides two types of breakfast: buffet and Ala Carte. For the drinks you can also choose from a selection of fresh pressed juice.

Ala Carte Breakfast



Whilst booking our room, I have put a foot note that the purpose of staying in the hotel is to celebrate Wabbit’s birthday. Checking in to the hotel, the concierge told me that they have made a note of our staying purposes and asked me when will be the best time for them to send a special birthday cake to our room? With amazement I told them to send the cake tomorrow at 7.00 AM.

The day after our room bell rang exactly at 7.00 AM. Me and Babbit rushes off to open the door and prepare ourselves to surprise Wabbit that was still in bed with the special birthday cake made by the hotel pastry chef.

The birthday celebration didn’t end there. Before finishing our breakfast the restaurant team surprised us with yet another birthday cake.


Overall we had a wonderful stay at The Hermitage, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel. Thank you for the thoughtful service by the hotel team. Especially the chief concierge mas Teguh Perwira and L’Avenue team members.

For reservation and the latest promo of The Hermitage, A Tribute Porfolio Hotel click here


More images of The Hermitage, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel:


Till we meet again The Hermitage


*All images were taken with Sony a5100





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