A Tranquil Family Resort in Bandung

Hi there. It’s been a while since I posted my last blog. Been very much occupied with the Christmas and New Year celebration with the family.

So here it is, my first blog post in 2016.

Me, Wabbit and Babbit celebrated Christmas 2015 in Bandung. We usually stayed in our friends or cousins house. But this time we decided to stay in Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Tower that was recently renovated. I still remember the first time I stayed in Sheraton Bandung. It was roughly around mid 90’s. My older brother was a student in UNPAD. Therefore, we frequently visited Bandung.

Returning to the property after almost two decades, I can easily spot the transformation. Previously you might see many brown colors being used for the interior and exterior design of the hotel. Now the hotel uses many white and lighter colors with splashes of pink. The mixture of colors definitely creates a chic feel to the hotel.




The hotel offers various room types within its 155 available rooms and suites. For visitors with family I would highly suggest the Pool Access Room or Garden Access Room. We were greatful that our room was upgraded from standard Deluxe Room to Pool Access Room. Especially for Babbit, she was very happy to discover that the children swimming pool was just steps away from our hotel room terrace.


We love the bathroom as well. It was very spacious with two options of shower heads: the rainshower shower head and the basic shower head. We fell in love instantly with the rainshower shower head! The rainshower shower head surely made it easier for us to bath Babbit. Clearly Babbit was enjoying her bath time, throughout bath time she was singing: “Rain..rain..go away..come again another day” 🙂

Another thing that we love from our room was the o-my-God-this-must-be-heaven bed! Our initial plan to visit Bandung (other than celebrating Christmas) was to attend my office colleague wedding reception. When we checked in to the hotel in late afternoon, we decided to take a power nap before heading to the wedding reception at 18.30. In reality we woke up at 21.00 which made us missed the wedding reception! Eventhough we missed the reception, we had an energizing deep sleep 🙂


One important note about the room, the room provides not only an iron to iron those crumpled shirts, they also provide an ironing board!

sudah kuduga
I see what you did there Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Tower


We didn’t eat breakfast at the restaurant. We had a takeaway breakfast at Roti Selai, a petit café located in Dago Atas area.

But we did have the chance to enjoy the mouthwatering brunch. The brunch has pampered us with generous selections of food (BBQ, Asian, Indonesian, etc), beverages, desserts and kids menu options.

The restaurant was divided into three big areas: the main dining area, a terrace area with swimming pool view and another terrace area dedicated for children. Babbit certainly stayed in the children terrace. The restaurant provides various activities for children, starting from coloring books, Play Station 3 game console to the all-time favorite balloon animals.



This is our top highlight of the whole staying experience in Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Tower. Every weekend Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Tower organizes kid’s activities in their Kids Club. Putting a cherry on top, the hotel provides free horse riding at Towers Garden Area and free ice cream at the Kids Club. To keep the activities fresh, each weekend they have scheduled changing activities. Outdoor playground is available outside the Kids Club.


Since our first visit to the Kids Club, Babbit has lay her eyes on the horse riding activity while shouting and pointing at the horse: “Bapak…Look…My Little Pony..My Little Pony”. After 5 laps and the killing-Punisher-stare from the queuing parents, I have to stop Kara from taking another lap around the Towers Garden Area.


From the Towers Garden Area, we walked to the Kids Club. Babbit certainly enjoys the cooking club activity. Hence the name, there weren’t any actual cooking activities involved. Babbit was only garnishing pancakes, cupcakes and donuts with sweets and chocolate sprinklers. Once Babbit finishes with her cooking activity, she dashes to the free ice cream area and play at the playground located outside the Kids Club.


All and all, it was a memorable experience. It is the only hotel with a resort feels in Bandung. And the new face of Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Tower was spot on; it answers to the latest trend of hotel design which manages to invite new and younger guests demographic into its lobby steps.

For online bookings, go here

Thank you Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Tower. ‘Till we meet again 🙂



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